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VAG IMMO Calculator software release v1.0.5.026

In addition to supporting Simos10, 12 and 18 engine controllers, we have extended the Simos 1X.x module to support SIMOS 11 engine controllers.

Modul Simos1X.x ecu VAG SIMOS11.1

New and existing customers who have purchased it with the basic version of the VAG IMMO Calculator BASE can now benefit from its comprehensiveness.

Support for control units in the Module Simos1X.x:

  • Continental SIMOS 10.x (WFS4)
  • Continental SIMOS 11.x (WFS4)
  • Continental SIMOS 12.x (WFS5)
  • Continental SIMOS 18.x (WFS5 without SHE(Secure Hardware Extension)!)

The VAG IMMO Calculator is also an ideal assistant for setting up the exceptional UNICAN emulator.

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Latest available version: v1.0.5.026