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New module for Porsche SDI ECUs

New module for VAG IMMO Calculator released! This module allows you to extract information from SDI6, SDI7, SDI8, SDI9, SDI10 and SDI21 control unit files, and is even capable of transferring immo data from one unit to another. This means you can adapt an engine control unit from another vehicle.

  • Copy immo data between ECUs
  • Excludes power class from Pflash area for now – Future updates will include full power class changes
  • Viewer and Editor immo data
  • Features immo data viewer and editor for power class, currently available in Dflash only
  • Before purchasing the module, make sure you have the VAG IMMO Calculator BASE with the basic package. This module does not work on its own!
Module Porsche SDI IMMO data manager for VAG IMMO Calculator

To provide technical support for this Porsche SDI module, a CAN analyzer is essential. It is a module that is intended for advanced users and the condition is to have the whole car with you!

Please note that if the customer says that the car does not start, but does not have the whole car with him and without a connected CAN analyzer – all additional questions will be ignored!

You can buy the new module in our e-shop. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the benefits of this exceptional product.